Pomskies, Medium Dog Breeds, Information & Guide

Dog is a pet that is desired by most households around the globe. These pets serve two purposes simultaneously. They allow you leisure in your free-time and act as a security guard when you are asleep. However, the thing that really confuses households is the selection of a breed that will be suitable for their family. Small Dog Breeds, Medium Dog Breeds and Large Dog Breeds are the categories that are available to you.

Medium dog breeds like the Pomskies are considered popular amongst these breeds. They have certain features that make them unique from other breeds:


The average size of the Pomsky dogs varies from 18 – 25 inches. This medium size allows these dogs to serve both the purpose of a watchdog and a playful pet. If dog is too small, then they can never be a good watchdog. Again, dogs of huge sizes are a risk to the younger member of the families. Such a size of medium dog breeds allows them to be popular hunting breeds too.


Basic Requirements

If your home has a well-fenced yard, these dogs are an excellent option for you. They run and do their regular exercise in the space that is provided to them.

Better Looking Medium Dogs

This is a debatable feature. Most dog-owners believe that Pomsky dogs available in this breed are better looking than others. They are mixes of Huskies and Pomeranians. If they are brushed and trimmed consistently after a particular period of time, medium dog breeds turn out to be quite fine. Keeping them clean allows a healthy environment to be maintained in your home too.


Medium dog breeds can get socialized very quickly. Initially, a stranger can make them angry. However after a little interaction through their masters, they are very friendly to every guest. These breeds are completely devoted to their family and turn out to be excellent watchdogs.


Most Pomskies falling in this category are fast learners. Making them learn a discipline does not require a day and night training. These features are the one that differentiates medium dog breeds from others. Being popular hunting breeds, they might be the ideal pet for you to choose.

Level of Dog Activity

Dog parks are taking the country by storm. All across the country, cities are making the effort to create these spaces that are dedicated to dogs. For instance, there are dog park rules every dog owner should know when visiting the local parks in both Runyon Park and Laurel Canyon in California that were so popular that they became overcrowded very quickly. New parks had to be built to handle the overflow. All over the state in cities like Long Beach, Santa Monica, Palm Springs and San Diego. These parks are being designed so that the local dog owners have a place to bring their dogs to play and socialize.
If you asked any of the dogs who frequent these parks, they would probably compare them to being in heaven. If you are lucky enough to have a local dog park, you probably can understand the happiness dogs feel when running around, playing with all the other dogs. Not only do they get to be off leash, they meet other dogs and get to interact with all their canine companions.

Natural dog behavior and socialization can look similar to human activity, which can make it interesting for the owners to watch. Dogs form packs, the canine version of cliques, and they have a formalized method of greeting dogs they know from previous visits and a different method when meeting dogs for the first time. Since they are so expressive, you can tell they are having a great time… some even look like they’re smiling.

3 Tips For Dog Owners

Even though taking your dog to his favorite park is a lot of fun, some owners make some simple mistakes. It is easy for people to forget they need to balance their dog’s emotional needs while at the park.

First, some owners think that visiting the dog park meets all their dog’s needs. They think that since their dogs enjoy the park so much, they don’t need to be affectionate with the animal at home. Just because the dog spends an hour or two at the park each week doesn’t mean they don’t need to attended to outside the park. If you withdraw attention from your pet, they may also become detached from you, causing behavior problems and anxiety at home.

Second, some owners don’t watch their dogs closely enough at the park. With all the excitement and energy at the dog park, it is easy for one dog to try to assert dominance over another dog through aggression. With all the action going on, it can be easy to miss your dog dominating or being dominated by another dog. You may think the dogs are just playing, but it could be the precursor to a fight.

Third, don’t be afraid to participate with your dog when you’re at the park. With all the activity between animals, it is easy to become complacent and let your dog off the leash and just sit on the sidelines. By interacting and watching your dog, you are protecting your dog from being injured by another aggressive dog, or maybe preventing your own dog from becoming aggressive with another. Even in a dog park, you can have boundaries for your pet. They will learn that while they’re having fun, they still need to behave. If you were taking a child to play in a park, you wouldn’t just sit idly by and ignore all their actions while they were bullying others or being bullied themselves.